Test Training
The trial trainings occur in groups, where players work on aspects they may not have time for in their club teams. This could include: technique, coordination, initial touch, finishing moments. With a maximum of 6 players per group, we focus on details and conclude each training session with a competition based on the areas we've practiced.
Price : Free
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MVP Akademi's vision and goal are to meet and develop the player according to their specific needs and conditions. This can be accomplished through both personal and group training. At MVP Akademi, we focus on individual development, and the academy players still belong to their respective teams but continuously train with MVP Akademi on details they may not have time to practice with the club.
At MVP Akademi, time is taken to focus on how you as a player can evolve and take the next step, unlike the aim of club training sessions, which is often focused on developing the entire team.
Besides the training sessions themselves, MVP offers support and guidance to players regarding football and other factors that may occur during a player's growth. The idea is to establish a stable and strong relationship between coaches and players, where we openly discuss everything related to their growth to assist with mental training and confidence-building.
MVP Akademi, of course, does not interfere with the tactical details of how club/coaches want the game to be played.